Excitement is mounting around the upcoming Erasmus Summer Programme

August is drawing closer and the anticipation is brewing. The Erasmus Summer Programme 2014 is around the corner and all preparations surrounding this well-awaited annual event are in full throttle.

Each year the Erasmus Summer Programme provides hundreds of students, researchers and health professionals with the opportunity to boost their academic careers.

It is a specialized event that offers three weeks of á la carte research training in health sciences. Providing its participants with a broad range of dynamic courses, both introductory and advanced, where people have the flexibility to mix and match the courses to their own individual programme.

Applications are rolling in so make sure you register on time!


We look forward to welcoming you this summer.

It’s Spring!


Spring is here and it’s time to dust away those cobwebs and REFRESH YOUR AMBITIONS! What better way to do this than to follow a few of our refreshing courses. Take a look at what we can offer you…

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Erasmus Winter Programme reaches its 10th Year Anniversary


This year marks the 10th edition of the programme, entailing another great year of clinical discoveries. Taught by world-renown experts, the Erasmus Winter Programme courses are engaged in all advances in the fields of research in clinical medicine.

Running from February 24 to March 14, this programme aims to spark all ambitions. Whatever your background, if you’re a student, researcher, executive or advisor in the health sciences, the courses are custom designed to your needs in research training in medicine and health.

Interested in taking a closer look at what the Erasmus Winter Programme has to offer? More information is available on the website www.erasmuswinterprogramme.nl

NIHES welcomes guest of honour during Women’s Health Course

Dr. Shanti Mendis photo On  Wednesday January 29th, we will receive a special guest of honour Dr. Shanthi Mendis, coordinator of Chronic Disease Prevention and Management at the World Health Organization. She will give a  Masterclass on ‘Noncommunicable Diseases and Women’s Health, a WHO perspective’.

Dr. Shanthi Mendis is currently Senior Adviser, noncommunicable Diseases in the noncommunicable diseases and mental health cluster at the World Health Organization (WHO). Since joining the World Health Organization (WHO) 15 years ago she has functioned as Director and Coordinator in Chronic Disease Prevention and Management and Senior Adviser, Cardiovascular Diseases. She is a Public Health Specialist and a Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the American College of Cardiology. She has wide experience in global public health, all aspects of prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, internal medicine and operational research.

Interested in participating? Sign up now for one or more days of the Women’s Health course (EP19)

ERAWEB Call for Applications 2014 now open!


The ERAWEB Call for Applications has just gone live… If you are interested in a unique opportunity to build an international research career in medicine and health sciences, make sure you register soon!

NIHES-Erasmus MC’s Brazilian community grows

This year NIHES-Erasmus MC has welcomed another group of Brazilian Science without Border (SwB) students. Each with a very unique story and ambition, but all with the exclusive opportunity to be in one of the best medical institutes in Europe. NIHES-Erasmus MC provides these students with highly recognized courses taught by world-renowned professors. The programme is also combined with a hands-on research experience. Overall, a once in a life time academic experience.

“Having the opportunity of studying in one of the best medical universities is extremely exciting, I am very grateful to be here. Since my home university doesn’t offer many research options, this programme is exceptionally important to me.” - Laura Pletsch Borba

The undergraduate students studying at NIHES-Erasmus MC with a Science without Border scholarship 2013:


From left: Claudio Fonte Boa Guimares Martins, Monique Nuijten (Advisor Education, Student Affairs), Felipe Valerio de Lima, Fernanda Mezzomo Collares, Gilson Gabriel Viana Veloso, Prof. Albert Hofman (NIHES Science Director), Prof. Oscar Franco (Department of Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine), Natasha Scaranello Cartolano, Veronica Colpani, Laura Pletsch Borba, Vinicius Vaz de Sales Bicalho.

How are you spending your time during this cold winter season?

Erasmus Winter Programme 2014 - 10th Anniversary
February 24 – March 14, 2014, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


If you’re a student, researcher, executive or advisor in the health sciences, how about some à la carte research training in medicine and health?

The Erasmus Winter Programme emphasizes the understanding of principles and methods of clinical research. The programme focuses on the basics common to all research in clinical medicine.

In addition, the programme provides courses for those particularly interested in clinical trials, in drug safety research, and in decision making in clinical medicine. It also includes various courses in biostatistics.

Courses are taught by leading international experts in the health sciences.

At NIHES, we’re proud to help you achieve your highest ambitions. We look forward to welcoming you this winter.

Check out the complete programme on erasmuswinterprogramme.nl

Finalizing a milestone with ERACOL


As one door closes another one opens. The finalization of the successful EU funded programme ERACOL (Erasmus-Colombus) will not mean the end of it. Due to engaged sustainability efforts, this project will hopefully allow us to reap the fruits of its success during the many years to come.

Read more on the ERACOL website.

EU grants NIHES-Erasmus MC with opportunity to set up ERAWEB II


After recently being awarded the grant by the European Commission to initiate a second term of ERAWEB, NIHES-Erasmus MC proudly announces this achievement with full support from fellow consortium partners.

Read more at erasmus-westernbalkans.eu

Another great succes with the 23rd edition of the Erasmus Summer Programme


For the very first time, this year’s Erasmus Summer Programme was hosted in the brand new Education Center of the Erasmus Medical Center. Here, more than 500 participants were welcomed from nearly 50 countries around the world. Participants represented all fields of expertise in health sciences. Each and every one of them with the strong desire to advance their knowledge with the pioneering expertise the Erasmus Summer Programme provides. Set at the highest standards, this programme successfully met the great expectations of all participants.

See the photo’s at Erasmus Summer Programme