Final Call for International Master Applications!

Join NIHES-Erasmus MC’s Research Master programmes in Health Sciences. NIHES offers you a once in a lifetime study opportunity, combined with a hands-on research experience!

The Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES) at Erasmus MC is now offering a last chance to apply for one of their Master of Science programmes in Health Sciences, specializing in either Epidemiology, Clinical Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology, Public Health, Health Economics or Pharmaco-Epidemiology.

International students must submit their online application before the deadline of 2 April 2015.

All students interested in applying for a Master programme should carefully consider the following application steps:

Who can apply?

Please find more detailed information on the admission requirements on the links provided below:

How do I apply?

The following steps in the application procedure have been carefully mapped out for you. Please find this information at: Application Procedure Step by Step

Note: It is important that the online application form is filled in as soon as possible so your application can already be processed.

  1. Preparing your application
  2. Completing your online application form. Complete this as soon as possible.
  3. Preparing your application package
  4. Submitting your application
  5. Assessment of you application
  6. Outcome of the assessment

5 things NIHES wants to know about you!


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Oscar H. Franco assigned as Deputy Science Director of NIHES

The Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES), Erasmus MC, proudly announces its Deputy Science Director, Professor Oscar H. Franco. As from 13 January 2015, Professor Franco was assigned by the NIHES Board to fulfill the role of Deputy Science Director, with intentions to strengthen NIHES as a center of excellence for scientific research and education on a global scale.


About Oscar Franco

Oscar H. Franco currently works as Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC, where he’s also the PI of the cardiovascular epidemiology group. Furthermore, Professor Oscar Franco is founder and director of ErasmusAGE; a new intergenerational ageing research center looking at the impact of lifestyle on ageing across the life course, founder and CEO of EER (Erasmus Epidemiology Resources) and newly assigned Deputy Science Director of NIHES.

Professor Franco trained as MD at Javeriana University, Colombia. Afterwards he moved to the Netherlands where he completed an MSc and a DSc in Clinical Epidemiology with NIHES (Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences) together with a PhD and a post-doc in cardiovascular disease prevention and public health at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. After this he moved to the UK where he worked for Unilever as senior public health epidemiologist, the University of Warwick as assistant professor in public health and the University of Cambridge as clinical lecturer in public health. Also in the UK he completed a 5–years clinical training in public health.

Professor Oscar Franco has been awarded the national Dutch public health prize of 2005. He is a fellow of St Edmunds’ College at the University of Cambridge, UK; fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC) and fellow of the English Faculty of Public Health (FFPH). Professor Oscar Franco has published over 200 articles in international journals.

Maryam Kavousi wins ‘For Women in Science’ award


On 26th of November, at the Royal Dutch Academy of Science, our very own Maryam Kavousi received the UNESCO Fellowship Award “For Women in Science’ as one of the two outstanding female researchers in the Netherlands for 2014.

Maryam received this prestigious award for her research on the risk factors involved in predicting the risk of cardiovascular disease in women.

By awarding these scholarships each year L’Oréal and UNESCO wish to encourage excellent female scientists to climb to the top of their field of expertise. Especially in the Netherlands, since only one out of the six professors is a woman.

NIHES re-accredited as an ‘excellent’ research school

NIHES has been tremendously successful in the past years and this was strongly acknowledged by a visit earlier this year by an International Peer-Review Committee as part of the re-accreditation procedure by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

According to the Review Committee, the core of NIHES consists of an outstanding research and teaching programme, meeting the highest international standards. The Committee considers NIHES to be ‘excellent’. The research school is internationally very competitive. It has multiple international collaborations with some of the best universities, research groups and researchers in the world.

NIHES’ teaching programme is internationally acclaimed. It offers a rich environment with many opportunities for excellent multidisciplinary research and comprehensive and high quality education.  The Committee also acknowledged that NIHES has outstanding MSc programmes, an observation which was reinforced by the PhD students who place great emphasis on the value of their MSc degree.
To conclude, the Review Committee found the prevailing quality of work in NIHES to be exceptional. Almost all of the research departments scored as excellent, with research meeting the highest standards internationally.

NIHES re-accreditation report (in Dutch)

Start the New Year on top, with the latest insights in Women’s Health

Upcoming 26th of January 2015, the latest edition of NIHES’ Women’s Health course will kick off, offering three days of pioneering lectures by world-renown experts.

Attend this 3-day course together with other specialists from around the world to bring yourself right up to date in all dimensions of Women’s Health.

Interested to find out what the course has to offer you? Check out the programme.

APPLICATION DEADLINE 9th of January 2015

Science without Borders Undergraduate Call 2015 now open!

Join the NIHES – Erasmus University Rotterdam’s one year research-training programme in the Health Sciences! This programme has been tailored to the Science without Borders undergraduates, preparing you for a thriving career in international research!

This specialized programme focuses on study design, biostatistics, and clinical epidemiology. It also addresses the principles of research in medicine and epidemiology; clinical decision analysis; methods of public health research; markers and prognostic research; the practice of epidemiology analysis, and health economics.

“If you share our dedication to health and wish to join the international community of health scientists, you’re welcome! NIHES will give you a wonderful opportunity to make a contribution to outstanding research.”
– Professor Albert Hofman, NIHES Science Director

The programme is open to Science without Borders scholars in the last years of their undergraduate studies. It starts on August 10, 2014, and lasts 12 months. NIHES-Erasmus University Rotterdam offers you a once in a lifetime study opportunity, combined with a hands-on research experience! Don’t let it pass you by, apply now!

Rotterdam, a city like no other


Rotterdam continues to shine as one of the hottest places to visit, according to the New York Times. With a population of over 600.000, Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Initially famous for its port, one of the biggest in Europe, Rotterdam is now one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands for many of its other undiscovered qualities.  read more

NIHES Graduation Ceremony 2014

On Friday the 29th of August, 2014, altogether 78 Master of Science and Doctor of Science graduates, representing 22 different nationalities, received their diplomas from the hands of Professor Albert Hofman, Science Director of the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES).

See the pictures and the entire graduation ceremony on video.

Study Guides 2014-2015 with course annex available

These study guides will help you find your way in our research training programmes: more information on the schedules of every specialisation and your research project. And of course the general information on studying at NIHES.

The study guide for the 2-year full-time Research Master programme in Health Sciences for Bachelor graduates (120 ECTS)

The study guide for the Research Master Programmes in Health Sciences and Clinical Research for medical students

The study guide for Master of Science in Health Sciences (70 ECTS) & Doctor of Science programmes